Crown & Glory

Free of judgement. Intricately bond in an everlasting maze of glorious curls and swirls. Intimately connected to the heavens almighty. Dipped in a rainbow, blessed in gold.

Free of stigma. External rebellion from societal norms. Uninhibited transformation from slave to Queen. Natural symbol of crown Screenshot_2018-05-30-13-46-07.pngand glory. Royalty fit for the Gods.

Free to be unstoppable! True expression of favored beauty.


Generation Damned: One Perception on the Kanye West Controversy – Slave by Choice! Really?

I am writing this open letter not to start a debate or pose an argument but to express my perception of the fallacies of this current controversy. Over the past couple of days, a new line has been drawn in the sand based on the rants of a very lost soul. Kanye West made an initial statement on TMZ live for the world to see. And it is utterly dangerous. Despite his backtracking to attempt to clarify his statements, the damage is done. This is a dangerous path to go down in this day and age. We are living, breathing, moving targets in America with lives and histories already destroyed.

To say something as asinine as blacks choosing to be a slave is as redundant as saying that people make the choice to be impoverished; we chose to have schools that prepare our children for prison rather than success. Who can honestly say that they were born to live and die at the bottom? These are not choices we made. Our opportunity to thrive was stolen from us and we have spent the betterment of life trying to take back our dignity.

It saddens me that so many fellow black people have come to this day and age with so much disregard for who we are, where we come from; our ancestral trials and tribulations. For someone who looks like me with such an astounding platform to stand by the side of a man who is leading this country into a space of civil unrest is mind baffling. Seriously, how can you seek clarity in a man who supports another who ran a political platform calling for bringing America back to be GREAT! Great for who? This country has not had a history of the greatness of people of color no matter who they identify with. This country was built on the backs of enslaved family members. We were considered at one point in history to only be ⅗ of a human, and really not much has changed in that mentality in all honesty.

People are literally forcing themselves to find any ideology of maybe he had a point is beyond me. Our history is writing in stone, in journals, books; depicted in art, and music; in our flesh. And we are finding every way to disregard that fact. The very people who have systematically oppressed our progress in this nation have documented ever fear tactic and control method every dreamt by man. Tactics that were first imposed on their own people before the great genius of their time, Willie Lynch, came up with the superior idea of how to control the masses for generations.

We see these tactics in practice even more so today than in the last 20 years. Or at least it is definitely more at our front doors personally. Our men and women are being hunted down in the streets like animals. There is no due process for supposed crimes. A police body camera is no different than the KKK burning a cross in our front yards. It is nothing more than a flag of glory for the continued oppression of our people. I know some may be lost in that fact but the book of the practice is available for every man, woman, and child to read!

OUR ANCESTORS DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE ENSLAVED! If my point has not been made clear. THEY CHOSE TO SURVIVE! Survival by any means necessary; the same as any other POW on the planet.

Here we are today in 2018, and we are just as lost as our youngest ancestors who laid their feet on this soil. In the last couple of days, I came to the realization that we are lost. And we are slipping more expeditiously down the rabbit hole of no return.  

Kanye West, since you want to finagle attention with these absurd antics against those of us who are not privileged enough to even get to look into the eyes of your “fellow dragon”; how about you get him on board to correct the many injustices faced by people of color. You wanted to create this illusion that your so mentally free but the reality is you are even more enslaved than the rest of us. MAGA; reverting and reversing the accomplishments of our progenitors.

What I learned in the last couple of days is that we the people do indeed suffer from classic cases of Stockholm Syndrome. We the people are in the “Sunken Place”; some further gone than others.

This is not a debate; a debate is centered on facts, not fiction.  I pray all who are seeking logic from a madman will actually take time to research facts and not follow internet opinions moving forward. Overall, we the people have enough battles to face in this war on “Blackness”; and what we don’t need are lost confused souls who haven’t figured out that we have spent too many generations walking in fragility. We are crippled by the fact that time and energy is wasted. Kanye West had the attention of us all at that moment and instead of bringing the table a game plan, he aligns himself more readily to a man who stands with and for White Supremacy!

Excerpt from Reality Unchecked – A Collection of Various Writings

Greatest Gift

In the hearts mind a reality stays;

A familiar sense of overbearing and unrestrained joy.


A happiness greater than the ordinary.


It is an uncompromised and unopposed high;

Despite the ups, the downs or roundabouts.

No cure or treatment can defeat this addiction!


Once it is attained;

No man can destroy.

Nor monster, beast, or unholy creature can change,

revamp or control.


It is the ultimate!



It is the all be it!

It is the greatest reward!


Only achieved through strength and devotion.

A gift retained by all;

Be it for self or someone in due course.


It is the most awesome;

Greatest Gift

Of all!


Reality Unchecked: The Conformity of Generation Un-ambitioned

Over time many changes

Occurred for the so-called


Of the American People – of the American people rise

The black citizens that


To have the freedom

Controlled by white America

The impressionist of


As time passes

This generation

Has forgotten the struggles and hardships

Their brothas and sistahs endured

The changes the enacted

Has allowed this generation

To live the lives they are given

With content

No ambition to uphold the

Hopes and dreams

Of their African brethren

The generation of my grandparents

Fought for their freedom

My generation handed theirs on a tarnished platter

Slowly the government taking back

The small glimpse of equality

All men created equal

Equality hmph

a faint faded dream

Conformity is easier

Conformity is…

Reality Unchecked: un-beginning

Where does life begin?

Born as children, raising children from birth.

Carrying the burdens; the weight of the world on the shoulders of lost innocence.

Work until fatigued and hands bleed. T

aught that sleep is for the wary and we haven’t earned it.

Generationally backlogged and back dated on the debts of submission.

Baggage with extra loads of the world’s bullshit.

At what point does life begin and the caricatures of the past end.

Where do we step from under the weight of everyone else and live for self.

When do the desires to break free become our reality

Reality Unchecked: 1995


back in the days when i was young i’m not a kid anymore

i wonder what life would be if you were still here with me…

would you still be my superman?

back in the days when i was young; you were always my knight

you saved me when you didn’t even know i needed to be rescued

back in the days when i was young you were my angel.

you protected me without ever knowing that you had

some days i really do wish i was a kid again

i wish that i could run to your arms when the world becomes too much

some days i just wish that you never had to go

ninety-five was the worst and there will never be words to calm it;

to explain it

twenty-three years have passed and it still feels like yesterday

back in the days when i was young

my world changed

long gone are the days when I could just be kid

sitting in yo’ old school

singing tom and jerry

long gone are the days of

you chasing me down the street

or playing uno when I could barely

add or subtract

life subtracted you from me

just as

life added you to me

i still smell cinnamon in empty rooms

like you just lit your favorite incense

back in the days when I was young i’m not a kid anymore

but somedays I wish nineteen ninety five didn’t have to be

i wish i was a kid again

Reality Unchecked: Fatherless

Coming into mine own truth,

forced me to see the truth in you. I once saw you with the fierceness of a God. But you didn’t live up to it.

You fell into the abyss. You choose getting high over having a family. You choose your friends before your wife. You blamed the world for your decisions.

You neglected us. Drugs became your escape, your comfort, your zone. What you where running from I don’t know. What I do know is we needed you.

You were emotionally unavailable, emotionally unstable.

We were lost.

We needed our father and you could not be. You could not guide or lead. You choose drugs as your queen.  You choose liquor as your children.

Imagine life encompassed on chaos.

Imagine a never ending race where you stay in last place.

Imagine life being fatherless, maybe!

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